Fred.Olsen Launches New River Cruise Arm

A familiar name in the European ocean cruising world is getting into the river cruise market. UK-based Fred.Olsen Cruises has created a brand-new river cruise division, Fred. \ River Cruises.

German-based Peter Deilmann Reederei returns to river cruising in 2013

German-based Peter Deilmann Reederei returns to river cruising in 2013, and has entered into a partnership with Fred.Olsen’s new river cruise arm, Fred.\ River Cruises.

No, that’s not a typo; the new division is really called Fred. \ River Cruises. But regardless of the eccentricities of the name, one thing that’s not up for debate is the impact this will have on the UK market. Fred.Olsen’s new river cruise division will use the MS Mozart, operated by long-standing German tour operator Peter Deilmann, to offer voyages designed specifically for the UK market along the Danube.

“The MS Mozart river cruise is of exceptional quality and a really good transitional product for agents who have cruising clients looking for a river cruise with the same standards found on an ocean cruise. Also, unlike many operators, we have access to very good availability right across the season,” said Paula Jackson, sales executive with Fred.\ River Cruises.

The MS Mozart underwent an extensive refurbishment three years ago, and will be solely sold and marketed by Fred. Olsen’s new river cruise arm.


The striking indoor pool aboard the MS Mozart.

What is particularly noteworthy about this is that while Viking Ocean Cruises is poised to take the wraps off the first plans for two new ocean-going cruise ships tomorrow night in Los Angeles, this marks one of the few times a traditional cruise operator has begun offering a river cruise product.

We’ll keep you updated on Fred.\ River Cruises and its itineraries aboard the MS Mozart as more information becomes available.


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