Join Me In 2022: Barging On The French Canals

Choose From Three Trips In 2022

Alluring Alsace

April 8-14, 2022. Barge the Canal de la Marne au Rhin through the heart of Alsace and Moselle. Highlights include The Hop Trail, the Haut Barr and Lutzelbourg castle, the Chagall trail and Strasbourg.

Bountiful Burgundy

April 16-22, 2022. From Dijon to Besançon, we'll travel between Burgundy and the Doubs valley. Highlights include the Saline Royale of Arc-et-Senans, Dole and the charming city of Saint-Jean-de-Losne, first river port of France and home to the Musée de la Batellerie, recounting the history of navigation on inland waterways.

Alsace With David Wilcox

June 4-10, 2022. The same itinerary as Alluring Alsace with talented singer/songwriter David Wilcox. “Fueled by brilliantly articulate guitar, an honestly pretty baritone, and deft lyrics, he combines the best of both pop and modern folk aesthetics.” - Boston Globe
David Wilcox

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2020 Barge Cruises

There are river cruises, then there are barge cruises. The two are worlds apart, or at least waterways apart. River cruises take place on Europe’s major waterways on vessels that typically carry from 100 to 200 guests. By contrast, barge cruises operate on small canals (you could skip a stone across many of them) and typically carry no more than two dozen guests. To say that the experiences are similar would be quite a stretch. Sure, they both operate on water, but they are markedly different modes of transport. How so? In this post, we’ll take a look at 10 reasons to choose a barge cruise.

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