Douro River Cruise Handbook
Featuring 2019 pricing charts for the Douro River.

Douro River Cruise Book


Your Douro handbook lays out all the cruises and companies beautifully – a definite must for anyone considering a Portugal cruise. Thanks for a great book and website.

Ernest Botte

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From its rolling hills and deep valleys to its assortment of vineyards and classically-styled towns and villages, Portugal’s Douro River is a favorite cruising region. Its translation is “river of gold,” and the Douro certainly is precious. In this guide, you’ll learn more about Douro river cruising and why a cruise along Portugal’s beautiful river of gold should be on your bucket list.

Inside The Douro River Handbook, you’ll discover …

  • The many options available to you on the Douro 
  • How Douro River itineraries differ
  • The best times of year to cruise the Douro
  • How to deal with high water/low water issues
  • 2019 Douro River pricing charts
  • And more

Available Digitally & In Print

The Douro River Cruise Handbook is available in print or in digital formats. Be sure to choose the one best suited for you.

Digital Versions

Optimized for smartphones, tablets and computer screens: $4.95.

Print Version

Ideal for those who prefer hard copy: $5.95.

I truly appreciate your unbiased advice. It's difficult to find these days. — Keith, Calgary Alberta

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Reader Comments About The Ultimate River Cruise Handbook


It is an excellent resource, and lives up to your vast knowledge of the subject. Your comments on Scenic's trip to Bordeaux has us sold on that trip in 2020!

Dolf Dunn

Fripp Island, SC


I am very much enjoying your River Cruising Handbook. I find it very informative, honest, and exciting to read ... thanks for putting all the info in a well written and concise fashion!

John & Pat Gross
Catonsville, MD


Great value, and good introduction into all types of river cruising. I appreciate the pricing updates.

Ian S McFarlane
Vancouver, Canada