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Photo courtesy of AmaWaterways
Britton Frost

Why We Want To Sail On AmaMagna In 2023

I remember the first time I stepped on board AmaMagna. The ship made a “guest appearance” in Linz, Austria while I was sailing down the Danube on AmaViola. The floors were still covered by paper and cardboard as Magna was there to get her finishing touches but, even before she got her last few coats of paint and final polish, I knew that AmaMagna was going to shine.

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Ralph Grizzle

Our Readers Prefer Long River Cruisers: Time To Do Away With The Weeklong River Cruise? Go Long Or Stay Home?

In last week’s post, we talked about the trend toward longer river cruises, longer than seven days, that is. Nearly all of the major river cruise companies now offer long cruises, with some itineraries approaching two months in duration. Our readers responded positively by a ratio of 27 to 1 when asked the question, Do river cruises longer than 7 days/nights appeal to you? We were surprised by the enthusiasm. Read why they prefer to go long or stay home.

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Ralph Grizzle

Long River Cruises: How Many Days Could You Do?

There’s a new trend in river cruising – long river cruises, with some spanning more than 50 days. I spent two weeks on AmaSonata in 2016 and could have easily stayed on board another two weeks. How about you? Read more about the new trend of long river cruises and voice your opinion in our survey.

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Ralph Grizzle

Crystal River Cruises Reincarnated? Riverside Acquires Rest Of Crystal Fleet

Nearly a year after Crystal’s ships ceased sailing, Riverside Luxury Cruises acquired the double-width Crystal Mozart. That left four recently built Crystal river cruisers with an uncertain fate – Bach, Ravel, Mahler and Debussy. Last week, Riverside acquired the remaining four ships. How much of Crystal will Riverside preserve, if any, and how will the new river cruise company differ?

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