Mekong River Cruises, Cambodia & Vietnam

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In 2010, I cruised the Mekong with my daughter, then 15 years old. In preparing for the trip, we thought about the long flight, the heat, the paperwork we would need and about the cruise itself. I assumed that we would like the cruise but that the travel and the heat and being in a nation where we were once at war would diminish the experience.

Seldom have I been more wrong. We loved Vietnam and Cambodia, and we’re now big fans of cruising the Mekong. The experience was one of the best of my life, and it’s something that neither one of us will ever forget. Read The Mekong, For Families

We cruised with AmaWaterways, which operates two of its own luxury cruise vessels in Vietnam & CambodiaLa Marguerite and the brand-new AmaLotus.

The Nuts & Bolts Of A Mekong Cruise: Visa, Airlines and InsuranceA Mekong River cruise begins with questions. How will I get there comfortably? Will I be able to rest on the plane? Are visas required? Shots? Do I need malaria prophylactics? What is the ship like? The food? Will I get sick if I eat something ashore? Will I be too jet-lagged to enjoy the cruise? Will I see Angkor Wat? What type of insurance do I need? Is this the best time to go? Read The Nuts & Bolts Of A Mekong Cruise: Visa, Airlines and Insurance

Worker carrying rice husks for fueling fires at the brick factory in Sa Dec, Vietnam.

On The Mekong: Mid-Trip Report, The Message, Go NowOn this day and on prior days, we have stepped ashore for tours included in our cruise fare. The tours are well-organized and visually stimulating. Nearly any direction that a camera can be pointed frames a photograph worthy of keeping. Today, nearly midway through our eight-day cruise, and already we have a shoebox full of memories and experiences. “I’ve taken at least 500 photos,” says a man from Helsinki. With each destination, it seems that it cannot get any better, and yet somehow it does. Read On The Mekong: Mid-Trip Report, The Message, Go Now 

Sunset in Tan Chau, 20 kilometers from the Cambodian border

On The Mekong: Touring Tan Chau With Camera In TowAnother fascinating day on the Mekong. La Marguerite overnighted in Tan Chau, 20 kilometers from Vietnam’s border with Cambodia. The ship provided boat shuttle service into town last night, and about a third of the ship’s passengers visited the town. Read On The Mekong: Touring Tan Chau With Camera In Tow

My daughter developed a better understanding of another culture. © 2010 Ralph Grizzle

The Mekong, For Families. There’s been a great deal of interest from readers about whether the Mekong is a good cruise for kids. The short answer is yes. Take them and venture forth! For more explanation, read The Mekong, For Families as well as On The Mekong: Appropriate For Kids? These Parents Think So

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