River Cruise Basics: Withdrawing Currency Abroad

You can use banks, ATM's and currency exchange bureaus to withdraw Euros before your trip - but not all options are created equal. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia / Creative Commons

Remember the days of cashing travelers checks abroad at an American Express location? That entire experience may be a thing of the past, but today, there are more ways than ever to ensure you’ve always got some cash on-hand when travelling through Europe. But not all cash is created equal, so we’ve put together this […]

Do You Care About Your Docking Location?

Viking ships docked near the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam in March. Photo © 2015 Aaron Saunders

If you’re in the market for some good week-end entertainment, pop some popcorn and head on over to CruiseCritic, where several posters are whipping themselves into a veritable frenzy…over docking locations. Just when you thought every conceivable dead horse had been sufficiently beaten, along comes a series of accusations about docking locations – or, more […]

Can I Combine a River Cruise and an Ocean Cruise?

AIDA Cruises' AIDAmar docked at the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam - just half a block from the river cruise ship docks. Photo © 2015 Aaron Saunders

“Can I combine my river cruise with an ocean cruise?” It’s a question we’re hearing more and more as travellers look to offset the relatively high cost of transatlantic air travel by maximizing their time in Europe. Unfortunately, it’s a question that doesn’t have a lot of easy answers. The short answer is yes, you […]

River Cruising and Water Levels: A 2015 Primer


With summer just around the corner, this is an excellent time to revisit a not-so enjoyable topic that we like to call high water / low water. Essentially, a high water situation – usually caused by prolonged periods of heavy, intense rain – can result in river cruise ships in Europe being unable to pass […]