Do I Have To Take The Included River Cruise Tours On My Cruise?

Do I have to take the included tours ashore on my river cruise? Depending on what you want to do and Photo ©  2012 Aaron Saunders

River cruises offer an astonishing number of complimentary and optional river cruise tours in nearly every port of call. In smaller towns, there may be only one included tour option, while large cities can feature dozens of different options. Vienna, Austria is a great example of this. Typically-offered tours include a panoramic tour of the […]

8 River Cruise Regions That Aren’t In Europe: River Cruises Worldwide

Good Morning, S.S. Legacy! Photo ©  2015 Aaron Saunders

When most of us think about river cruising, we picture Europe. With cruises departing throughout much of continental Europe, from Russia in the north to Portugal and Italy in the south, there are few places in Europe that can’t be reached by either barge or river cruise ship. But river cruises aren’t just limited to […]

River Cruise Basics: Withdrawing Currency Abroad

You can use banks, ATM's and currency exchange bureaus to withdraw Euros before your trip - but not all options are created equal. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia / Creative Commons

Remember the days of cashing travelers checks abroad at an American Express location? That entire experience may be a thing of the past, but today, there are more ways than ever to ensure you’ve always got some cash on-hand when travelling through Europe. But not all cash is created equal, so we’ve put together this […]