River Cruise Money Matters: Currency, Credit Cards and Debit Cards

Euro Coins and Bank Notes. Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia.

If you are going to be traveling to another part of the world, you might be wondering how you will pay for goods or services. Is it better to exchange currency prior to your departure, or should you wait to exchange it during your trip? Should you purchase travelers checks? What about credit cards? Is one […]

Laundry Services or Facilities: Which River Cruise Companies Include Them in the Fare?

AmaPrima Laundry Service

An all-inclusive river cruise may provide free laundry service. Several companies also provide access to washers and dryers free of charge and even include the soap. Most river cruise companies offer laundry and pressing services for a fee if it’s not part of an all-inclusive package. What about pressing your own clothes? Passengers are not allowed to […]

Fitness Centers, Pools & Bikes: Which River Cruise Companies Include Them?

Fitness Room

For travelers who are fitness-minded, having certain amenities available on a river cruise ship might be important. Several river cruise companies feature all or some combination of a fitness center, a pool or bikes onboard their ships. During shore excursions, there is usually an opportunity to do some walking, which is also a form of exercise. […]

Free WiFi: Which River Cruise Companies Include It in the Fare?

AmaPrima TV

A river cruise usually includes some degree of free WiFi service whether or not it’s an all-inclusive package. Each river cruise company, though, has its own description of what free WiFi entails. And even though, the service might be included, it does not mean it will always be accessible. Companies – Free WiFi Included Almost all river […]