Video: The Viking Longships

It’s no secret that we became fast fans of Viking River Cruiseslatest and greatest when we traveled to Amsterdam in March to witness the christening of four brand-new Viking Longships, including our home-away-from-home, the spectacular Viking Odin. Now, Viking River Cruises has put up an excellent video that shows prospective travelers the ins – and outs – of these innovative vessels.

One thing is certain: Watching this made us want to step aboard again!

More information on Viking River Cruises, the Viking Longships and the Viking Odin can be found by visiting our dedicated Viking River Cruises page right here on River Cruise Advisor!

  • Bob

    please be more considerate of your readers. this is not a post, this is rubbish

  • theavidcruiser

    Hi Aaron,

    Don’t take the reader’s comment too personally, but he also saying a little of what I was referring to about summary style posts. Your ideas and writing are excellent when it’s real writing and real stories. We’re probably both a little guilty of thinking quantity over quality. We should be striving a little more to provide insight and analysis.
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