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Check out What are the differences between Viking River Cruises & Uniworld River Cruises & AmaWaterways & Tauck & CroisiEurope & A-ROSA?

Why River Cruising?

So why would you want to consider a river cruise in the first place? Because it’s a great way of exploring Europe. Don’t believe us. Check out Why River Cruising?

How River Cruises & Barge Cruises Differ

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French Country Waterways operates barges — a great way to travel — but different from river cruises. © 2011 Ralph Grizzle

They’re not the same, so don’t confuse these two great products. Barges typically are smaller, carry fewer passengers and cost you more on a per-diem basis. However, a barge vacation may be just what you’re looking for. Read How River Cruises & Barge Cruises Differ

Why River Cruising Is Not For Everyone

Are you a smoker? Traveling with infants? River cruising may not be for you. Be sure to see Why River Cruising Is Not For Everyone

How River Cruising Compares To Luxury Ocean Cruising

While it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison, taking a look at how river cruises compare to luxury ocean cruises can be relevant for those familiar with one but not the other. See How River Cruising Compares To Luxury Ocean Cruising

Choosing Your Stateroom

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Tauck's new ms Inspire features eight Loft Staterooms measuring 225 square feet each. Photo courtesy of Tauck

How river cruise ships and oceangoing cruise ships differ in their accommodations. See Choosing Your Stateroom

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about all aspects of river cruising, including popular rivers, how river cruising compares to luxury ocean cruises, what’s included on a river cruise and more. Check out Frequently Asked Questions